Women: Empower Yourself by Knowing About Natural BHRT

By Colleen Kupka, R.N., Founder and Co-owner of Scottsdale Vanity Med Spa and Scottsdale PRP Aesthetics

The term “hormone therapy” or HRT is broadly used and can be confusing because they don’t address the two types of therapy that are available: natural HRT and synthetic HRT. This confusion can detour women from getting the therapy that benefits them the most.

The two types of HRT are synthetic, or made through chemical means, and the other is natural and identical to your naturally produced hormone. There is a big difference between the two which each woman should understand for her own well-being.

The Results of a Study Involving Synthetic HRT Scared the World!

Women’s Health Initiative study (a government study) published in July 2002 had an immediate effect on one of the most established synthetic hormonal replacement therapies of its time.

The study involved 16,000 postmenopausal women across the U.S. and demonstrated that those taking standard hormone replacement therapy, which was synthetic hormones in 2002, had a 26 percent greater risk of developing invasive breast cancers than those given a placebo.

It also showed a 41 percent increase in strokes, a 29 percent increase in heart attacks and a doubling in the risk of blood clots among the study’s hormone replacement cohort. The trial was halted early due to the horrific findings.

Why are Doctors Still Prescribing Synthetic HRT?

Today, we continue to see some clients who are being prescribed synthetic HRT, rather than natural HRT, by their physicians. Why are medical professionals still writing scripts for synthetic and take a risk with patients’ health when there are safer alternatives.

Besides, it can be confusing to women in which direction to take when it comes to hormone therapy since not all medical professionals are passing up to date information along to their patients. Many physicians have not learned or kept up with the latest benefits of bioidentical hormones compared to synthetic therapies.

Some doctors lump synthetic and natural HRT treatments together and advise against bioidentical hormone therapy, not being aware of the improved benefit of bioidentical over synthetic hormones.

I like to compare synthetic hormones with processed foods. Our bodies recognize the ingredients as foreign and thereby cannot break them down appropriately. As a result, toxins build, and eventually inflammation and disease occur. So when looking at the synthetic hormone Premarin, which is made of horse urine, the human body does not carry the same genetic makeup, the rest is history to what occurred.

Why Consider Bioidentical Hormones at Scottsdale Vanity Med Spa?

Bioidentical hormones are a natural form of HRT (BHRT) and now have been around for some time. They are derived from a variety of sources such as plants (soy or yams), and require laboratory processes to take place before achieving the bioidentical end product.

To date, no studies have linked properly administered natural BHRT to cancer. If done appropriately, the studies demonstrate, a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and not to mention many other symptoms that can take a toll on a woman during this phase of her life.

My advice to all women is not to be afraid to question your health care provider about their education in the area of bioidentical hormones. Are they attending the latest conferences? If you’re not getting the answers you need, if you continue to suffer from symptoms, seek other opinions.

At Scottsdale Vanity Med Spa, every client is unique and we don’t utilize a “one style fits all” approach. All our treatments are customized to each client’s needs and lifestyle. Our clients have thorough hormonal consults, which include lab testing of hormone levels, thyroid levels, and adrenal function. Also, we work with a variety of compounding pharmacies and can offer a variety of treatment modalities like creams, oils, suppositories, pellets along with bioidentical hormones in Scottsdale.

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