The Answer to Menopausal Symptoms may be Natural HRT

If you’re not getting relief from unpleasant symptoms, try the non-synthetic hormone -Bioidenticals. By Colleen Kupka, R.N. Founder of Scottsdale Vanity Med Spa, Scottsdale PRP Aesthetics, Scottsdale Mobile Med Spa There are many wonderful things about growing older, gaining self-awareness, wisdom – and many of us discover new ways of approaching our future in midlife. […]

Bioidentical Progesterone: The Misunderstood Hormone

By Thomas Kupka, M.D. and Colleen Kupka, R.N. Founders, Scottsdale Vanity Med Spa and Scottsdale PRP Aesthetics, Scottsdale Mobile Med Spa. A common misconception is that women who are post-menopausal receive little benefit from progesterone.  At the same time, many mistakenly believe that women who have had a hysterectomy will have no benefit from bioidentical progesterone. Actually, women can receive a wide range of […]

Women: Empower Yourself by Knowing About Natural BHRT

By Colleen Kupka, R.N., Founder and Co-owner of Scottsdale Vanity Med Spa and Scottsdale PRP Aesthetics The term “hormone therapy” or HRT is broadly used and can be confusing because they don’t address the two types of therapy that are available: natural HRT and synthetic HRT. This confusion can detour women from getting the therapy […]

What is the Difference Between Vampire Treatments and PRP?

There’s been a lot of talk about PRP and Vampire treatments lately, especially since a video of Kim Kardashian receiving a Vampire Facelift™ surfaced on YouTube. But, there’s also been confusion, too.  Many people are asking about PRP procedures and how they differ from Vampire treatments in Scottsdale. PRP is the generic procedure that uses […]

PRP or Vampire Treatments are Effective Aesthetic Treatments

PRP or Vampire treatments use growth factors from the patient’s body to rejuvenate cells and reduce the signs of aging. There may be some confusion about Vampire treatments that use PRP procedural techniques. Even though it sounds scary, it’s truly an effective, safe, natural procedure that uses your blood to turn back the hands of time […]

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